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MEET Amanda Cain

Amanda was born in South Florida on the east coast. She spent much of her youth outside making forts in the saw palmettos and swimming in the ocean. She completed college with a Master's in Library Science from Florida State University and worked as a Reference Clerk at the Orlando Public Library.


In her mid-20s she moved to the Los Angeles area of California and worked as a Librarian. Putting on programs, classes and events for the community was a big part of the job, and for one event she hired a woman of the Tataviam peoples to educate about California medicinal plants. Amanda became inspired by this woman and so started her journey to become an herbalist.

In the middle of the pandemic, 2020, Amanda and her partner moved to upstate New York. In 2021-2023, she apprenticed with Robin Rose Bennett. She then began her clinical herbalist studies at ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism in 2023 and is currently a student.

Amanda and her partner, Jason, live in Middletown, NY on 4 acres. Nightmare, the black cat that lived on the land before they moved in, is now an indoor cat and beloved to them both.

Amanda believes that a connection to nature and all that it offers spiritually, mentally, and physically is an essential part of life, and hopes to share all she has learned with her community in meaningful ways.

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